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July 2011
No Winners For This Category!

November 2010
by Agent 99

July 2010
No Winners For This Category!

March 2010
"Fate's Game"
by E_Eevee

November 2009
"A New Year's Fic"
by Chatsy

July 2009
No Winners For This Category!

March 2009
"One Last Breath"
by Kitten

November 2008
"Battle of the Elements"
by Purelight Fandom

July 2008
"Pokemon: Golden Sun Series"
by AspenDragon

March 2008
"The Meaning Of Christmas"
by DayDreamer

November 2007
"No Matter What"
by Topaz & EmeraldDragon

July 2007
by Raichu

March 2007
"Pokemon World Online"
by Lonepichu

November 2006
No Winners For This Category!

July 2006
"A Cleffa's Tale"
by Lonepichu

April 2006
"To All You True Fans Out There"
by Charmander and Pichu

January 2006
by Dragonfree

October 2005
"Bleed Like Me"
by Clover

July 2005
"The One"
by Dragonfree
"My Biggest Mistake"
by Lonepichu

April 2005
"Adventures of the Clinically Strange"
by Dannichu

January 2005
"Legendary Revenge"
by Dragonfree
"Nothing To Live For"
by Misty's D
"Just A Girl"
by Obsidian Blade

October 2004
by Cyberwraith9

July 2004
"Irony of Fate"
by Dragonfree

April 2004
"Growlithes in the Real World"
by The Jolt Master

January 2004
"The Strongest of All"
by Wild Growlithe

October 2003
by Misty Secret

July 2003
by Torchick

April 2003
"Extreme Insanity!!!!"
by Torchick

January 2003
"Two Different Worlds"
by Finaille Nailo

October 2002
"Backgrounds: The Real Characters"
by Pokegirl-sophy

July 2002
"A True Role Reversal"
by Ace Sanchez

April 2002
"The Adept"
by Liahgeron January 2002
"Kage Tsyurnairsu"
by Shadow Trainer Ash

October 2001
"Ash's Twin"
by Ranko Ketchum

July 2001
"The Ultimate Trainer: Part 2"
by The Terminatress

April 2001
"The Ultimate Trainer"
by The Terminatress

January 2001
"Who Are You Really?"
by Chibi Ninetails

October 2000
"Daniel Bond: The World Still Is Not Enough"
by Ashley Ketchum