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The Hidden Gym of Bio City (Gen.)

Godzilla vs. Ultra Arbok (CO)

Meet the Poke-People's (Gen.)

Golbatula's Bite (AAMRN)

Curse of Cinnibar Island (Gen.)

A Tale of Trainers Love (AAMRN)

The Mystery of Mewtwo (Gen.)

The Revenge of the Rockets (Gen.)

The Great Brain Drain (Gen.)

Articuno's Christmas Wish (Gen.)

Pokemon Alien War Saga(Gen.)
Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -

Aftermath (AAMRN)

When Worlds Collide (CO)

The First Champion (OT)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -

Heroes (CO)

The Grinch That Stole Poke-Christmas (O)

Evil From the Great Beyond (Gen.)

The Outsiders (Gen.)

New Attitudes (CO)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -

The Grand Pokemon Authors Tournament (Gen.)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -

Head Case (O)

Summary for The Hidden Gym of Bio City: Ash Misty and Brock continue their endless journey to Cinnabar Island but along the way they fall and land in a secret laboratory, there they meet a robot eye who challenges them all to a Pokemon tournament against his holographic Pokemon. And for the ultimate prize a new secret Pokemon Ash is dying to get his hands on the Pokemon but so is Team Rocket, as they set their plans up in the lost city of Bio City. Ash learns of a brand new gym, gym leader, badge as well a never before seen Pokemon awaits him in Bio City but. Can he defeat the robot eye Team Rocket and the mysterious gym leader who they say is ubeatable? and who or what are the 2 mysterious Pokemon that await him read on to find out....

Summary for Godzilla vs. Ultra Arbok & Super Weezing: The gang continues on now enterting the heart of New York City there they befried the cast of the 1998 Godzilla cartoon show along with Godzilla himself, together they must team up and battle it out with Team Rocket. Who using their same tricks have grown Arbok and Weezing to monster size, a perfect match for Godzilla the battle is set can Ash Misty and Brock help Godzilla? or will Team Rocket finally claim victory read on to find out...

Summary for Meet the Poke-people's: In this weird tale a new enemy has arrived the mysterious alien villain from the last story has launched a small rocket down at Earth, Ash Misty Brock and Team Rocket spot it as the rocket crashes at their feet. Then releases a gas transforming them all into Pokemon!!! now their running against he clock, our Poke-people must work together and get the cure before sundown. From a band of ground Pokemon or else they will stay as Pokemon forever....

Summary for Golbatula's bite: The day goes on and Ash is happier than ever after Brock explains all they must do is pass threw Dark Caverns and, they will finally be in Cinnabar Islands but Misty is worried. Out of the blue she has decided that she can no longer hide her true feelings for Ash anymore, but before Misty can say a word problems occurr. As Team Rocket controlled by Golbatula a mutant vampire Pokemon creature stop them all hungry for blood, is Ash in love with Misty and will either be able to announce anything before Golbatula turns them all into vampires read to discover the truth....

Summary for "Curse of Cinnabar": Finally arriving at Cinnabar Island, Ash is eager to go right to the gym, that is until they take a tour of the town. There, Brock meets a kid named Spooky, a real scaredy cat kid, who says bad things about the Pokemon mansion. That the Pokemon are attacking the whole town for no reason and with Halloween here, Team Rocket can't be far behind or is it them at all? Maybe its a brand new ghost Pokemon attacking the island or is it something much more....who knows?

Summary for "A Tale of Trainers Love": Skipping ahead a little, Ash has received his last two badges and has come back home to Pallet Town to rest, that is, until Misty reminds Ash that today is the their 1st anniversary of when they first met. Now both are looking high and low for the perfect present, but Gary is back and more of a brat than ever, but after getting punched by Ash in a mad fit of rage of insulting Misty. Maybe he's changed or maybe not, nevertheless, Ash now wants to quit Pokemon training feeling horrible for hitting Gary as if he ever does it to his friends. Things get worse as Ash's new friend John Stellar has major love problems. Can Ash fix John's life problems as well his own? Or will Team Rocket and their newest, most shocking ally make this an anniversary that no one will ever forget? read on....

Summary for "The Mystery of Mewtwo": With all 8 badges in hand and back at home, Ash is now ready to train foer the Pokemon league games, and to start off he will journey to the unknown Dungeon to capture Mewtwo. A mere news report sends Ash off thinking with the world's strongest Pokemon he'll be a Pokemon master easy, still relucting Misty and Brock fear for Ash's safetly and unwillingly go along with him. Meanwhile Team Rocket is also looking for Mewtwo as Giovanni sends Jesse and James, to catch Mewtwo before Ash does. Up in space the mysterious alien villain is furious that Ash goes for Mewtwo and plans to attack, Seth from Bio City finds this out and must tell Ash immediately. Its a race against the clock can Ash Misty and Brock survive a battle with Team Rocket, an angry hedr of Gyarados, the space alien, as well Mewtwo the most powerful Pokemon of all time? And will Seth save Ash from the alien's clutches before its too late?.....

Summary for "Revenge of the Rockets": Failing once more in their last mission Giovanni is tired of losing and will not lose again, assembling his Rockets, he plans a new attack to finish Ash off. Meanwhile Seth is put into the hospital after being attacked by a deadly brain ray from the dark alien in space our heroes are preying he survives, but as they leave they are ambushed by Team Rocket. Now Pikachu is gone and Ash is huge trouble to get him back he Misty and Brock, must fight Jesse James Butch Cassidy the newest member Gary Oak but who is his new partner? And will he or she finally give Team Rocket the final revenge on Ash and his friends?...

Summary for "The Great Brain Drain": Continuing from the last adventure Giovanni leaves the TR base with his deadliest plan to date, using a new machine called the Scrambler a wicked brain switching machine. As he travels to Indigo Plateau heading for the Elite 4 he plans to switch the brains of the Elite 4 with his machine, with his rockets so they can control their awesome Pokemon and maybe even a seceret ability or 2. Ash and the gang still grieve for Seth struggling in the hospital as they leave to save the Elite 4 but will they believe Ash Misty and Brock, plsu what dark secret do they all share that worries Giovanni as well the hidden alien invader?....

Summary for "Articuno's Christmas Wish": The holiday season is around Christmas is here but no sounds of joy are from Ash Misty or Brock, Seth finally awakens only to be put into a worser condition as the viurs gives him a total relapse. But this time Nurse Joy says that if he doesn't find a cure since the doctors can't cure him, Seth will die things look grim until Ash learns of a legend about Articuno. By going to Mt. Blizzard and fidning Articuno rumor has it one who is pure of heart on Christmas Eve, will be granted one wish every 10 years and tonight is the time for the wish. Team Rocket over hears it and follows Ash Misty and Brock to Mt. Blizzard, the race for the wish has begun and the winner could make or break a human life Seth's life. Will Team Rocket steal Articuno and the wish all together? Or can Ash survive the cie storms of the mighty Articuno and save Christmas for Seth let's wish so....

Summary for "Pokemon Alien War Saga": Prologue: After saving Seth's life and surviving Christmas our heroes finally decide to take a rest or so they think, Ash Misty and Brock try and take a peaceful walk only to be attacked once more by Team Rocket. But this time the danger is far worse Gary and his twisted sister May unleash a deadly time machine, and blast Ash in co. as well Jesse James and Meowth 20 years into the future. Once they arrive they see the world has changed for the worse as everything is a warzone, the Earth is dying and so is the human race. It appears the mysterious alien now known as Mewthree has conquered the Earth controlling it, with new improved Doomsday robots but Ash and Misty get an even bigger shock. As they are rescued by their future selves as they rage a world war with Mewthree, now our heroes must fix history and save their future. But what other evil surpises does the future hold? and how will Ash battle Mewthree as well an old friend with a face he'll never forget who could it be?...Part 1: The time has come and after long seeing what will happen in the future Ash now must prepare for Mewthree's arrival, gathering all their allies as he Misty Brock and the newly reformed Team Rocket. Call one and call to find Ash's friends allies the gym leaders and the Elite 4 to gather up, and be Ash's army but Giovanni is still around and revenge is still on his mind. Planning the deadliest plan to date using his remaining rockets, trap Ash his friends and force them to join Team Rocket. But first Ash and Gary travel to get their leftover Pokemon only to run into each other now the biggest battle of their trainer lives has begun, Ash vs. Gary in all out free for all Pokemon battle brawl. To make things worse the Pokemon league is opening tonight at midnight exactly when Mewthree lands, can Ash beat Gary his biggest and toughest rival by himself? And just what will Mewthree do once he gets to Earth? Part 2: Today our heroes get the first crack at war and they find its not all that fun as they run flee battle and break away, from an army of endless Doomsday drones things look grim. As Ash Misty and Brock fight them off with their Pokemon the drones hunt down his family luckily Ash saves them all, but thanks to their attack Ash's house is completely destroyed. Now with the help of Prof. Oak they run like mad to a secret sewer tunnel hideaway underground, after getting a call from their friends coming to aid them in battle against Mewthree. To save them and their world Ash in co. race across the battle field to an airport, but along the way they encounter Team Rocket and more Doomsday drones. Can they survive this deadly task? Will Team Rocket and the drones stop our heroes before they can save the world?....Part 3: Finally reaching the airport Ash Misty and Brock search around for when they will land that is until Jesse James and Meowth, are captured by an ambush planned by the drones. But as our heroes struggle in their iron grip Robby A.J Duplica and all the others aiding trainers finally had arrived, after crashing down and rescuing the gang. Ash Misty decide to take Seth with them to dig underground and locate the factory of the Doomsday drones, while the others stay back and fight the once again endless horde of demonic Doomsday drones. Will our friends Ash Misty Brock locate the destroy the Doomdsay factory in time? And what will become of the gym leaders friends and allies of Ash against the drones?....Part 4: "United"-The battle rages on Ash's friends and allies wage war with the demonic Doomsday drones in the airport battle field with their Pokemon, The Elite 4 Spooky Giselle and all their friends working together. Meanwhile Ash Misty Brock TR and Seth travel underground for the drones main factory, but can our gang of heroes hold out long against the robot army? What diabolical plot does Mewthree have in store next and will it involve the shocking found in the Doomsday drone factory?...Part 5: "The Turning Point"-Finally Ash and the gang locate the long awaited Doomsday factory but to their dismay they learn that a gigantic Doomsday drone, code named "Armageddon" the gang rushes in to try and shut him down for good. But things get tricky when Ash discovers a young boy named Michael has been captured and mutated thanks to Mewthree's wicked transformation projects, and as they flee their army of allies runs as well as Mewthree makes another assault. Using his secret weapons can our heroes survive the combined forces of Armageddon the mutant monster Michael and the newly resurrected Golbatula? or will Michael lose humanity forever after Ash and Misty try and bring him back?....Part 6: "The Legends of life"-Surviving their last deadly encounter with Mewthree Ash weeps over the loss of Michael as Prof. Oak discovers a strange stone tablet, which tells of a way to defeat and destroy Mewthree once and for all but the problem is. The tablet can only be half read and it mentions the legendary birds Articuno Zapdos and Moltres which means Ash Misty Brock and TR must find and capture them, but as they travel Butch and Cassidy chase them hoping to catch the birds themselves. Now its up to Ash in co. to survive freezing ice thunder electricity and scorching flames can they survive and capture some of the most rarest Pokemon alive? And will Team Rocket or Mewthree be there to seize the day before its too late?.....Part 7: "Face to face with evil"-Time is running out our heroes thankfully escape the trap of Team Rocket and find not 3 but 4 birds as a mysterious new birds appears, and is now here to help as together the 4 birds rescue the gang calling forth Lugia. An ancient God Pokemon of the waters destined to protect the Earth from all harm and harm is coming out as Team Rocket tries a final assault on Ash and the gang, and at that same moment Mewthree issues a world wide challenge to Ash. If he Misty Brock and the good TR doesn't battle him aboard his spaceship, his last drones will ravage and kill all that he loves and cares for. So now Ash Misty Brock and all his friends must gather their forces for their final battle against Mewthree, and finally unlock the secrets of Mewthree what will he look like and what is he capable of?......Part 8: "Death match"-Finally after long carnage chaos and destruction Ash Misty Brock TR and even Giovanni himself have entered the final battle of the war, them all their wits skills and Pokemon vs. Mewthree the darkest creature to ever exist. Now Ash must put his trust in his ex-father to help him stop this demonic God Pokemon, back on Earth what's left out our heroes friends and family battle the Doomsday drones. For their own survival and very existence and what of the mystical birds and Lugia let's hope there still willing and able to aid in the end of the PAWS, for freedom of humans and Pokemon alike. Who will win this battle for mother Earth the righteous heroes of Earth Ash Misty and Brock? or will Mewthree conquer and destroy all that they have loved and cared cause this ending will be the biggest to hit...........

Summary for "Aftermath": Three long years has passed since the Pokemon alien war Ash has finally returned accomplishing his life long dream of becoming the world's greatest, Pokemon master leaving Misty Brock and all he loved behind in Pallet town. Now returning he and Misty reunite meeting Tracey replacing Brock, who was working at the Orange Island labs with Prof. Ivy as they talked Misty and Ash got into a fight. Angrier and angrier they got until Misty finally destroyed Ash's emotions leaving in tears Ash and Pikachu ran off and now Misty is also in tears for what she has done, now with Tracey's help she will try and win Ash back before its too late. But as she tries to find Ash new tricks and old villains show up as a secret Doomsday drone, project plans deep trouble for our traveling trainers. Will Ash and Misty ever rejoin their long lost love once again? And what beyond the grave plans does Mewthree, have for our heartbroken heroes?...........

Summary for "Two Worlds Collide": After being transported to a dimensional warp by Mewthree's beyond the grave, Doomsday drone Ash Misty Tracey and team Rocket are hurled right into the Digiworld hole of the Digidetsined and the Digimon. Now with the help of their new friends Ash and the gang plan to gte home back to their world but meanwhile, team Rocket strikes a deal with Piedmon the last of the Dark Masters. Planning to destroy Ash the Digidestined and capture his Pikachu once and for all, things get worse as Tai the leader of the kids gets into a battle with Ash and a vicious fight breaks out. As if things couldn't get anyworse an evil new Digimon unlike any ever seen is planning to destroy the children along with Ash Misty and Tracey can Ash and Tai, settle their Pokemon Digimon battle before either one gets killed? Will the combined help of Team Rocket Piedmon and this new Digimon be too much for the gang, and just what other sorts of demonic creatures live here are they hungry for......humans?

Summary for "The First Champion": Robby Maximillion is the hero now years back before Ash left Pallet Town. Robby goes on his own Pokemon quest as he learns the tricks and trade of Pokemon catching, he also meets Jade his life long love or enemy find out in Robby's own solo series.

Summary for "Heroes": After last traveling screw up Ash in co. wind up the bizarre world of Dragonball Z warriors aliens and objects of powers beyond their wildest imaginations appear, there they meet Goku Vegeta and the cast of the Z warriors and they meet Team Rocket. Who is back but not alone with them a deadly soul sucking demon called Reaper can 3 simple Pokemon trainers save the world from a monster like Reaper? Or is death to become of Tracey Misty or even our own Pokemon master?........

Summary for "The Grinch": "Enter the magical world of Pokemon through the world of the Grinch read as little Misty Lou fears about how her family, and all of Whoville, has lost the true spirit. Oh Christmas sadness continues as Grash (Ash) the Grinch causes problems for all, inclduing Mayor Gary and all of Whoville planning to wreck Christmas for all Who's. But can Misty save Grash before.....oh you know read it anyway its dedicated to all and to all Merry Christmas ^_^

Summary for "Evil From the Great Beyond": Finally ending their long and dark journey our heroes plan to rest and break off in Pallet Town but Ash starts acting stranger Misty is now scared for her young love, Ash acts more vicious in battle his voice has changed. And when it comes to Pokemon battles he simply an untamed Pokemon himself acting save brutal, to make things worst Team Rocket has plans to take Ash out no matter what he does. As well unknown to everyone an pold enemy returns from the past unseen unheard until now who is he/she/it? and will the gang deal with them Team Rocket and return Ash to normal in time?

Summary for "New Attitudes": Ash and the gang are on their way to Johto, but Team Rocket is hot on their trail and so is a new mysterious villain organization with plans for them all. Will Ash it make it there in time? What surprises await him along the way? and what is Project G?

Summary for "The Grand Pokemon Authors Tournament": A Pokemon tournament based entirely by author created trainers.

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