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Misty's Sunken Treasure Hunt (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -

True Love (AAMRN)

Team Love (JAJRN)

The Road to Championship (OT)

Can't Get Along (TR)

Sonic Speed Reunion (CO)

At The Farm (O)

Summary for Misty's Sunken Treasure Hunt: After returning home Misty tells her sisters about her Togepi. When Daisy tell them a ghost of pirates Misty learned that they know her. When the ghost pirate appears he takes Misty to the ship that leads her to a undersea adventure. How did they know her? Why did they need Misty? What will she do? Read to find out. Arrrrr.

Summary for True Love: Ash and Misty hasn't tell each other how they feel about each other. When Misty tells Ash how she feels about him she begs Ash not leave her. Will Ash reject her or will he said "I love you too." to Misty?

Summary for Team Love: Rated - G (Good for All Ages) - After failing to catch pikachu once again, Team Rocket plans to steal it at night and successfully do. However when Ash and co. finds them James is in danger. Will Jessie save his life? And if she does will she tell him how she feels about him?(Find Out)

Summary for The Road to Championship: Rated - G (Good for All Ages) - A young trainer plans to become the first ever pokemon trainer from Pallet Town to win the pokemon Indigo Leauge. Will he be successful or will someone defeat him? And what dreams does his four friends have?

Summary for Can't Get Along: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - Tom and Anna are a Team Rocket duo that get can't work as a team. And they can't get along. What will happen to them, when they finally break up? Find out. Please R&R.

Summary for Sonic Speed Reunion: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - Sonic and his friends return to the Pokemon world to meet up with their old friends Ash and co. When they entered the portal they are followed by Team Chaotix. After the whole group discovered the Team Rocket kidnapped Cheese (Cream Chao friend) Team Chaotix offered to help. Will their help be successful? What is the vision Shadow saw? How will Sonic and his friends return to their world? R&R mateys.

Summary for At The Farm: Rated - G (Good For All Ages) - Ash and friends arrive at a island to rest up for a while. But soon they meet a woman and found themselves at a Farm. After hearing about farmer's garden being stolen Ash, Misty and Tracey decided to help them stop the robbers. Will they be able to help? And are the robbers Team Rocket? Find out. Please R&R.

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