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A Never Ending Tale (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
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Rivals and Friends, Love and Pokemon (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
  11  -

Dreams May Be A Reality (co-authored with Aki Akito) (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -

Battles of the Legendaries (AAMRN)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -

Summary for Ash's Decision: Ash, Misty, Brock and their newest friend Kelly are traveling through Jotho, collecting badges from all eight of the Jotho Gyms. Ash is followed by many rivals and hunted by Team Rocket Elites. Emotions run high when a love triangle is formed. Can the cutest couple in the Pokemon World survive the deadliest Team Rockets and still find true love? Read and find out.

Summary for Friends and Rival, Love and Pokemon: Ash may have handled two TR Elites, but how about 50 of them? Things start to heat up as Ash Ketchum and friends enters the Jotho League Championships. More and more tough challengers appear to take down Ash as Ash meets his match, Satoshi. Can Ash beat this legendary trainer and win the Pokemon League? And how will the tides emotion turn as Ash and Misty runs into misunderstandings? You won't wanna miss this awesome volume of A Never Ending Tale.

Summary for Dreams May Become a Reality: Ash woke up from a dream one day, confused by the events he saw in his dreams. But Ash is even more confused when these 'dreams' are starting to become a reality. Everything Ash saw in his dream is happening. In a boarding school, Ash is to learn about Pokemon and Battle Techniques, but can he pick up love lessons along the way? Will Team Rocket be successful in taking over the school like how Ash has dreamt it? Read and find out. Inspired by McWizardX's Dreamer.

Summary for Battles of the Legendaries: Ash was mysteriously assassinated right after he had become a Pokemon Master. Things start to get crazy when the world's most dangerous gang, The Triads, starts to take over cities with the help of several legendary Pokemon; and Ash comes back 'alive'. In a world where Pokemon is a weapon of choice, a new Chosen One must take Ash's place and stop the Triads from taking over the world. But can the new and inexperienced Chosen One save the world from total destruction? Or will emotions get in her way? Find out in The Battle of Legendaries. Inspired by FFX, one of the greatest video game ever.

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