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The Lives of Popular Trainers (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  

Meowth in the Middle (JAJRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -

Who Am I? (TR)


Who Am I? - The Sequel (TR)


Garfield, Jon, Nermal, and Odie Experience the Pokemon World (CO)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   Epilogue  -

It's Halloween Time (O)


We Finally Got Pikachu (Gen.)


Jessie's Terrible Accident (JAJRN)


The Sequel to Angel Clefairy's Extreme Insanity! (O)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  

Team Rocket's Sinister Plan (AAMRN)


A New Friend (OT)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
  11  -   12  -   13  -   14  -   15  -   16  -   17  -   18  -   19  -   20  
  21  -   22  -   23  -   24  -   25  -   26  -   27  -   28  -   29  -   30  

Gym Leaders Have Gone Crazy!!!! (co-authored with Torchick) (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
  11  -   12  -   13  -

48 Hours To Death (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -

It Can't Be True (AAMRN)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   Epilogue  -

When Friends Are No Longer Friends (O)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -

Easter Teaser (AAMRN)


Garfield And Odie On The Run (CO)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -

Insanity With A Plot (O)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -

Jet City Woman (AAMRN)


Love At Last (GAMRN)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
  11  -   12  -   13  -   14  -   15  -   16  -   17  -   18  -   19  -   20  
  21  -   22  -   23  -

Where's Our Baby? (Gen.)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   Epilogue  -

Want To Be Something (JAJRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -

The Other Way Around (co-authored with Torchick) (RN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -

Princess of Diamonds (co-authored with Torchick) (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -

It's All About May (co-authored with Torchick) (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -

What's Wrong With Being Perfect? (co-authored with Torchick) (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   Epilogue  -

Safe Place Or Haunted Place? (TR)


Concrete Angel (O)


Making Of A Pokemon Episode (O)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   Epilogue  -

Easter Teaser-Ash’s Egg (AAMRN)


Last One Standing (co-authored with Finaille Nailo) (Gen.)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -

November Rain (AAMRN)


Up To Them (AAMRN)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -

Always Friends? (AAMRN)

Parts:   1  -   2  -

Twelve Days of Christmas-Pokemon Style! (O)


I'll Be There (AAMRN)


Faint (co-authored with Torchick and The Mudkip Princess) (Gen.)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  

The Season of Love (AAMRN)


Meowth in the Middle - Extended Version (TR)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -

The Forgotten Cards (CO)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5a  -   5b  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
  11a  -   11b  -   12  -

The Return To Mirage Kingdom (Gen.)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   Epilogue  -

The Journey Within (OT)

Parts:   1  -   2  -   3  -

When Two Worlds Meet-Part 1 of 6 (CO)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
  11  -   12  -   13  -   14  -   15  -

Ash Returns To Hogwarts-Part 2 of 6 (CO)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
  11  -   12  -   13  -   14  -   15  -

Revenge-Part 3 of 6 (CO)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
  11  -   12  -   13  -   14  -   15  -

Wanting To Rule-Part 4 of 6 (CO)

Parts:   Prologue  -   1  -   2  -   3  -   4  -   5  -   6  -   7  -   8  -   9  -   10  
  11  -   12  -   13  -   14  -   15  -   16  -   17  -   18  -   Epilogue  -

Voldemort's Army-Part 5 of 6 (CO)

Parts:   Prologue  -

Summary for The Lives Of Popular Trainers: This is a story about Ash, Misty, Brock, Lily, Violet, and Daisy with comedy and romance thrown in. Used to be titled "Ash and Misty's Love."

Summary for Meowth In The Middle: Team Rocket splits up leaving Meowth trying to get them back together. Only problem is how?

Summary for Who Am I?: While forming a plan of how to steal Pikachu, a tree branch falls on James' head and he loses his memory. This is a comical story which people like. What happens? Read the story and find out!

Summary for Who Am I?-The Sequel: This is the sequel to the original one. But instead of James losing his memory, Jessie does instead. What happens? Read to find out!

Summary for Garfield, Jon, Nermal, and Odie Experience The Pokemon World: Garfield and friends experience the Pokemon world first hand as well as a few insults against each other.

Summary for It's Halloween Time: Ash, Misty, and Brock are the victims of an unsuspected surprise...

Summary for We Finally Got Pikachu: Team Rocket manages to snab Pikachu. Will Ash ever get his buddy back? He might, he might not.

Summary for When Two Worlds Meet: Ash is reading a Harry Potter book when he suddenly gets transported to Hogwarts. Will he ever make it back to the Pokemon world?

Summary for Jessie's Terrible Accident: Jessie falls of a canyon wall and suffers from severe head trama. Can James' love for her pull her through? When two people love each other, anything is possible.

Summary for The Sequel to Angel Clefairy's Extreme Insanity!!!!: My version of humor mixed in with Angel Clefairy's. This story provides lots of laughs for you funny people out there.

Summary for Ash Returns To Hogwarts: This is the sequel to When Two Worlds Meet. Ash returns to Hogwarts but it once again is not a fun year. For some reason, everyone starts dissapearing and there whereabouts are unknown. Can Ash, Pikachu, Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, and Hermione find out how before it's too late?

Summary for Team Rocket's Sinister Plan: Team Rocket kidnaps Misty leaving Ash in a very difficult position. Give up Pikachu or lose Misty forever? It's a fight with an unexpected twist...

Summary for A New Friend: Ash,Misty,and Brock are traveling(again) when they run across a girl named Maggie. How did they meet? What's Maggie's goal? Read and find out!

Summary for Gym Leaders Have Gone Crazy!!!!:This funny fic focuses on the insane lives of the Kanto Gym leaders.

Summary for 48 Hours To Death: Ash and Misty meet again for the first time in 15 years. But things aren't as great as they seem. Two people sneak into their room and kidnap them. Now, they have only 2 days to escape or lose their lives and each other.

Summary for It Can't Be True: Rated - G (Good for All Ages) - Shortly after Ash and Misty's 18th birthday's, a war between Germany and the U.S. breaks out. Misty finally gets the courage to tell Ash how she feels about him, but that's when she learns he has been called off to war. A couple months later, word reaches her ear that Ash is dead. Rumor or truth? Read and find out!

Summary for When Friends Are No Longer Friends: Misty, Ash, and Brock are traveling to the next gym when a fight breaks out between them and they go their seperate ways. Now, it's up to an unlikley four-some of Pikachu, Meowth, Jessie, and James to get them reunited. Will it work? It might. This is in Pikachu P.O.V.

Summary for Easter Teaser: The annual Easter Egg Hunt is coming up. But it's not the Easter Egg Hunt that you're used to. There are 2 secret eggs hidden. One for a guy and one for a girl. The 2 winners(the ones that find the eggs) are then made boyfriend and girlfriend. Will this be Ash and Misty's year? Read and you will know! Predictable but likable.

Summary for Garfield And Odie On The Run: Garfield and Odie get ready for bed like any of your ordinary cat and dog would. They fall asleep and then wake up only to discover they are somewhere completly different. To make matters worse, there's a trainer who thinks they are Pokemon and keeps trying to catch them. Will Garfield and Odie make it back home? Will the trainer catch them and will they will be stuck in the Pokemon world forever? Read and find out! SUMAMRY for Insanity With A Plot: Still insane and weird. Only difference is there's a plot.

Summary for Jet City Woman: My first song story with the song being by Queensryche. Misty is always on the move and finally Ash can't stand it anymore and flys to Misty who has no idea he is coming...

Summary for Love At Last: Rated - PG (Parental Guidance suggested) - Misty thought she had it all. Ash was her boyfriend now. But then all that changed when Misty saw Ash kissing her arch enemy. Now Misty and Gary are together and serial killings have begun. Who could be behind it? Ash? Misty's enemy? Or someone you wouldn't expect? Read to find out! Pairing is GAMRN.

Summary for Where's Our Baby?: It's been 10 years since Ash and Misty had put Bern and Lane behind bars. They had 2 wonderful kids named Jenn and Bobby who were always on the move.Then they recive news that they have escaped and were heading right toward Viridian City, exactly where Ash and Misty lived!Then one night, Jenn goes missing and Bobby and her parents receive a strange message. Will they be able to rescue Jenn in time? Or will they end up at her funeral? This is the sequel to 48 Hours To Death.

Summary for Revenge: Ash has had the two worst years and has almost been killed twice. Brock and Misty try and stop him from going, but he insists he does. But little does Ash know this will be his worst year. Voldemort is back and wants revenge on Ash. Will Ash be able to make it out of the year alive? Read and find out!

Summary for Want To Be Something: This is the sequel to Meowth In The Middle. Meowth has just saved Team Rocket and about 5 months have past. Then Meowth decides he wants to be an actor in the movies and runs off for Hollywood. Now it's up to Jessie and James' love for Meowth and each other to find him as they struggle through rivers, go through a minefeild, and try to dodge an avalance of snow along the way. Will they succed? Read to find out!

Summary for The Other Way Around: What if Misty went traveling with Gary instead of Ash? This is a story in Misty's POV on what happened on the day a bright light came and changed the future forever.

Summary for Princess of Diamonds: She had everything. Everything but what she really wanted. This shows that you don't need material things to make you happy.

Summary for It's All About May: What a lovely time. Misty and May both want Ash but who will he end up with?

Summary for What's Wrong With Being Perfect?: Misty has everything she wants. She's popular, has good friends, and is known by almost everyone. But when one of her friends decides to play a cruel joke on the unpopular Ash, she's left in a tough spot. Should she not tell him and stand by and watch him get hurt? Or should she tell him and no longer be popular? The story has an unexpected twist at the end. Read to find out what happens!

Summary for Safe Place Or Haunted Place?: Team Rocket is trailing Ash and company as usual, but then they get lost and decide to spend the night in an abandoned house. What happens when they find out Ash, Misty, and Brock are there? Will it be a bit scary? Or will the night be more than they all bargained for? Read to find out!

Summary for Concrete Angel: Based of McTina McBride's song. Ash and Misty have a friend named Amy. They suspected that she is being abused. Can they stop it before it's too late?

Summary for Making Of A Pokemon Episode: What happens behind the scenes of one Pokemon episode. Comical and humorous fic.

Summary for Easter Teaser-Ash's Egg: Just a different P.O.V. showing what Ash had to do to get his egg.

Summary for Wanting To Rule: Everyone believed Voldemort was gone for good. He was locked away in Azkaban and there was no way he could harm anyone. At least that’s what everyone thought. Just as Ash starts his 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he finds out that Voldemort has managed to break out of Azkaban. The whole school lives in fear as they find out that Voldemort wants Revenge on the whole school for no reason. Will the people of the school unite against him? And what happens when deaths occur and who will it be? Don’t miss this most intense installment of my 6-part series.

Summary for Last One Standing: Team Rocket has been doing anything just to get their hands on Pokemon. Now they're killing innocent people, and no one's willing to stop them. But Team Rocket has gotten too strong, and threaten to kill anyone who tries to stop them. Ash, Misty, and Brock decide enough is enough, along with other people who want to avenge their friends' and families' deaths. But their efforts aren't useful, and more people get killed, including someone who is very dear to Ash...

Summary for November Rain:Ash has loved Misty all his life. Well since he met her anyway. One day he asks her to marry him and she accepts. But something happens at the wedding reception that no one had planned at all…

Summary for Up To Them: Earth is doomed. A massive comet the size of the United States is heading directly towards Earth and no one can stop it. No one except Ash and Misty’s love for each other and their secret powers can save the Earth, as long as they discover them in time… A must read!

Summary for Find Out Or Die: 6th year now and something isn't right. Someone isn't acting right. Someone isn't acting like themself at all. But why? What's the reason for it? Does Voldemort have something to do with it? Read and you will know!

Summary for Always Friends?: Ash and Misty are best friends. Or are they? Misty and Ash soon have an all-out-war fight. But this time, what happens when Ash leaves? Will Misty and Brock be able to find him? And more important, can Misty finally tell Ash her feelings?

Summary for 12 Days of Christmas-Pokemon Style!: Just something I put together for the season.

Summary for I'll Be There: It had been 5 years since their wedding day. 5 years since Ash had past away and Misty was left alone. Now, Ash comes back to visit her but not in the way she thought he might one day. Sequel to "November Rain".

Summary for Faint: There was a time when a golden glow surrounded Saffron City, where the people were as friendly as can be. When it was safe to leave your home... But that all changed in the blink of the eye when Brendan Birch was found dead in his Saffron city hotel room. Everyone is a suspect. But who is it really? The deranged rival? The girlfriend who is supposedly thousands of miles away? Or is it just the work of a random maniac? Who knows? And what can you do at a time like this but pray for the end.

Summary for The Season of Love: A fluffy but sweet AAMRN that takes place on Valentine's Day.

Summary for Meowth in the Middle - Extended Version: Same plotline as the origional with numerous bonuses added.

Summary for The Forgotten Cards: Sakura has finally captured all the Clow Cards and transformed them. Or so she thinks. She soon learns that there are 11 cards that time forgot. That no one remembered, not even Kiro or Uay. Now she must travel to the unknown world of Pokemon to seal the remaining cards.

Summary for The Return To Mirage Kingdom: It’s been two years now since the great battle at Mirage Kingdom. Ash has won first place in the Hoenn League and is now back in Pallet Town with the others. Misty has also joined them and they receive an invitation from now Queen Sarah to visit. But little do they know that Cornel Hanson is on the loose again… Extended off of the TV episodes "The Princess and The Togepi" and "The Togepi Mirage"

Summary for The Journey Within: Molly was a young girl who dreamed of a Pokemon journey. When she finally sets out on her dream she has no idea what she could be in store for...

Summary for Voldemort's Army-Part 5 of 6: Rated - G (Good for All Ages) - Ash is ready to begin his 6th year at Hogwarts. But many people aren't acting right. Many people aren't acting like themselves at all. Could it have to do with You-Know-Who? Read and find out! Replaces "Find Out Or Die"

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